About VenusGraf Card Clothing

Graf Card ClothingSince 1917, Graf has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative metallic card clothings, flexible flat clothings and stationary flats for cards. The production assortment is optimally supplemented by a wide range of high quality metallic card clothings for roller card machines. Benchmarks have also been set by the high quality combs, service machines and accessories. Graf is a global partner for competent technical advice and maintenance on-site or in their own Service Stations. With a network of sales organisations and representatives which spans the entire world, Graf ensures efficient customer care.

Graf Card Clothing The choice of the right clothing is of decisive importance for high productivity, quality and economic efficiency. The many facets involved in selecting rollers and specific applications in the short staple and long staple sector require experienced specialists. Qualified Graf specialists competently advise and support customers in selecting their application-specific clothings and work together with them to develop a solution in line with the customer’s requirements and expectations. Close cooperation with the development department helps the specialists in providing efficient and competent advice on all Graf products. Long-standing experience in the textile sector as well as constant further education mean the specialists have become an indispensable success factor for spinning mills, nonwoven manufacturers and machine builders.

Today’s cards and roller cards impose very high requirements on the clothings and their maintenance. In order to ensure trouble-free operation within the spinning mill / nonwoven manufacturing plant, our customers can always call on our worldwide service network with qualified service specialists. Downtimes and the relevant high costs are thus considerably reduced.